Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Sleeping Adventure

Hunter has been a great sleeper since he was born. Each time he would go down, he would be out for 2 to 3 hours which was nice. He sleeps 3 to 4 hours a night usually so I am used to getting up to feed him once or twice.

I am getting to the point where I really want to get him sleeping through the night. We are no longer in the stages where when he wakes in the middle of the night he is screaming for food. Now it is more like he makes noises long enough for me to know he won't go back to sleep without me, but the feeding is a lot slower and he kind of sleeps while he feeds. After the feeding, he is back in the crib quick and back to sleep. So, I thought maybe he could make the transition.

Usually he naps 3 to 4 times a day depending on how long the naps are. The last nap usually starts around 7:30 pm and ends around 10. He eats, plays, gets a diaper change and goes to bed around 11. He wakes around 2:30 am and again around 5:30. He is usually up for the day around 7 am.

Last night was our first night of my new experiment. Although I am tired today, I thought it went fairly well for the first night. Basically when he woke at 2:30 am, I rocked him back to sleep instead of giving him the bottle. He slept until 3:30 when I calmed him again. He made noises but no crying from 5:00 to 5:30. At 5:30 I finally fed him and put him back down. So basically he went 6.5 hours without eating. He was up again at 7.

My goal for tonight is to go all the way until 7 am without feeding him. Does anybody have any advice? I am hoping we can have him sleeping from 11 to 7 without a feeding (and without waking me lol) within a week.


Lindsey and T.D. said...

You might want to try the Ferber Method. Amber (Edwards) Weinert tried it with her son Ford and she said it worked really well. I know this post is a month old, so maybe you've found something already.

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