Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beaba Babycook for Baby Food??

Okay, okay...if you have been following my blog or you know me, you know that I am planning to breastfeed exclusively, no formula.  You may be asking, why is she thinking about baby food already?  Well I am guilty of being a planner.  The baby isn't even here yet, and I am thinking about his next stage of development lol.  I want to make sure I do my research and do what is best for my little one!

Since I am in to the natural thing and the saving money thing (natural childbirth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering) I figured that adding one more thing to the list couldn't hurt.  I really want to try making my own baby food.  We don't own a blender or food processor, and I don't know if I will ever have need for them outside making baby food due to my husband's very boring taste buds.

So...I came across the Beaba Babycook instead.  This product really gets me excited.  It costs approximately $150.  It steams, blends, warms, and defrosts vegetables, fruits, and meats in 15 minutes or less.  No supervision with the steaming and blending either.  Hmm...sounds like my kind of convenient.  You can freeze many servings that you just prepared at one time meaning that you can make a week's worth of baby's food in a short amount of time with little effort.

So let me get this straight, I can make a week's worth of baby food in under 30 minutes one day of the week, have no trouble at all warming that up, not have to worry about putting a ton of effort into another person's meal plans, do what is healthiest for my little miracle with no preservatives, and save $300-$600 over buying baby food at the store?  SWEET!  Sounds like this is a no brainer to me.

So, I need some real life experience to guide me in this.  Has anyone else used this product?  Did you like it or dislike it and why?  Did it really make all those things easier to do or do you think steaming, blending, defrosting, warming separately are just as quick and easy?  I want to make sure I am not kidding myself before I go out and get one of these things :-)

Any input is appreciated!


Amy McSwegin said...

Do you already have a good food processor? If so, I would say a big fat NO on this one.

I made all of my girls' food, and it was super easy! Steam it on the stove, put it in the food processor and then put it in ice cube trays; I used an OXO one that has a cover on it... then pop those cubes into Ziploc bags in the freezer! 2 cubes equal 1 jar of baby food, and it's SO MUCH easier to mass produce it than make it each time...

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

I'm with Amy on this. It's cool but over priced and it's just as easy to do it Amy's way. Plus, you never know what he'll be like. Nugget refused purees. Wouldn't eat food until she could have chunky things. Greer on the other hand gave up the bottle as soon as she could have purees. Then she weaned herself from nursing by around 11 mos so she could eat more food. Food processors are much more affordable. Also roasting food in the oven vs steaming can be more flavorful. It's cool. I was tempted too. Invest in a food processor and a small hand food grinder for use when out and about and as he grows.

Anonymous said...

I made my own baby food just fine too, with a blender! I would try the food processor or blender first! And yes it does save tons of money to make your own, (and you know what your putting in your baby too!)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm checking in with you, I sure hope things are going good with you.... I REALLY do hope the baby is here by now!
AND you are enjoying the tiny little bundle for awhile by now!

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