Monday, April 25, 2011

First Impressions: Bum Genius 4.0 One Size Pocket

The Bum Genius 4.0 One Size Pocket diaper looks to be a very durable diaper.  As the name shows, it is one size meaning it is supposed to fit your baby from 7 to 35 pounds.  This is accomplished by using 2 rows of snaps to give you 3 size settings.  Again as you can see from the name, it is also a pocket diaper which means it needs to be stuffed with an insert before using.  There is no sewn in absorbancy.  Once you stuff the diaper, you put it on baby and you are ready to go.  The outside layer is waterproof.

This particular diaper comes in both snaps and aplix closure.  I opted for the snaps in hopes that the diaper would last longer.  It has 2 rows of snaps for the closure which makes for a more customized fit.  This is the case because the snaps do not need to be placed one right above the other, they can be placed diagonally from each other as well.

I really enjoy the fact that this diaper comes with 2 inserts.  One is a newborn size and the other is longer for later growth stages.  The longer insert can be snapped down to newborn size if you have a heavy wetter and need 2 inserts at the same time early on.  The newborn insert can be paired with the longer insert later on to add absorbancy.  Of course, since this is a pocket diaper, you can mix and match the inserts that you place inside to meet your needs.

The inside lining of the diaper is really soft.  The leg gussets are nice and stretchy so I think they will contain the majority of messes.  As with most one size diapers, I am concerned that there may be some leaking if I try to use this dipe early on.  It is supposed to be used from 7 to 35 pounds, but I don't think I could get a good fit until 10 to 12 pounds.

This diaper is also bulkier than the sized Bum Genius AIO that I have.  That is to be expected since this is a one size diaper, but it does mean that you lose trimness.  The great thing about pockets though is they have a shorter drying time than the all in ones because the inserts come out of the diaper.  This is good if you are more on the go.  For me, drying times don't really matter.  I will be home the majority of the time, and I plan to utilize the sun whenever possible as a dryer.  Ahh, that reminds me that this diaper can be dried in the dryer if you desire.  Keep in mind that any diaper with a waterproof layer might not last as long the more you dry in the dryer.

I guess I should mention a huge plus for this diaper.  It only costs approximately $17.95 per dipe.  This is a very economical and convenient option since you could technically use this dipe through potty training.

Compared to the Smartipants One Size diapers I have, I think this one will hold up much better, provide a more custom fit and contain more messes.  I am really excited to try it!


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