Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Impressions: Bum Genius 3.0 Deluxe All In One

I am super excited to try out the Bum Genius 3.0 Deluxe All In One.  All in one diapers are probably the most convenient of the cloth diapers I have seen.  They have the waterproof layer and the absorbant layer sewn together.  It really is almost exactly like a disposable, same ease of use...put it on and take it off.  There is no stuffing or folding.  This all in one is a sized diaper that comes in xsmall, small, medium, and large.  I ordered the small which is supposed to fit from approximately 8 to 16 pounds.  All of the sizes cost approximately $15.95 per dipe except for the xsmall which costs $12.95.  I only ordered one of these dipes because I wanted to make sure I really liked it before investing a lot of money in to them.  Since they are sized, $15.95 per dipe is a little more expensive when you are on a budget, especially since you can get a good one size for just a couple bucks more.  Just like a disposable, this dipe looks like it will be able to get a great fit no matter how the baby is shaped.  It has an aplix closure which allows for a custom fit.  In the end, I think I will love it and the custom fits will outweigh the con of the higher cost.

There are several things I think I will LOVE about this diaper.
  • The leg gussets are very stretchy.  I feel like they will contain even the messiest of messes. 
  • The lining on the inside of this dipe is sooo soft!  I can't help but think my baby will love how this feels next to his skin. 
  • This dipe also has a microfiber core which I think will be super absorbant. 
  • The laundry tabs worked great during my initial prep washing. 
  • And perhaps my favorite thing: not only does this dipe have the absorbant layer attached to the rest of the dipe but it ALSO has a pocket where that absorbant layer is so that you can add extra absorbancy if needed.
The only thing that I could see as a potential con for this dipe besides being a little more expensive is that it takes a long time to dry since all the layers are sewn together.  For me, that is not a big deal!  I plan to hang dry this dipe anytime I can anyway, but it can be dried in the dryer.  The convenience of this dipe totally wipes out the con.  This is a diaper that anyone can use on my little one.  It is actually how I convinced the grandparents to never use disposables on my little baby cuz it is just like one!  So I am very excited to see how this dipe holds up to the test!!  I think I will LOVE it!

Pictures to be added soon, hubby has the laptop at work!


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