Friday, April 22, 2011

Long Time No Write, Baby Isn't Here Yet, Feeling Down Before Delivery

What a crazy past couple of weeks.  My hours have dwindled at work to almost nothing which has been great.  I have been taking my PTO days to rest.  In saying that, my rest has been averaging to 14-16 hours a day of sleep.  I have been so tired.  I can't believe how tired I am even when I sit around and do nothing all day.  On top of being tired all the time, my sleep really hasn't been great.  I wake up all the time either with contractions, bathroom breaks, pain in my abdomen from rolling over or pain in my hips from all the pressure of laying on my side.  Maybe that's why I sleep so much lol.

Also, because of the early contractions I was feeling (last episode were consistent, painful contractions for 12 straight hours) I am getting to the point where I just feel like this baby will never come.  I know he will make his appearance soon, but it is hard to believe with all the false labor lurking around.  (Reminder to myself, I am only 39 weeks and 1 day...his due date is April 28!)

I think because of all this going on, I have not really been social.  Talking to people on the phone or even in person has just been something I am avoiding.  I am trying to forget so hard that I haven't had this baby yet so I don't drive myself crazy, but the baby is the only topic others want to discuss.  I totally understand this and would probably be doing the same thing if I were in their position so I am not mad or frustrated at all.  I just don't really feel like talking to anyone (besides my husband) until the baby gets here.  I find being alone helps me to focus on other things.  If you know me, you know this is crazy for me.  I am like the most social person I know.  Weird...

As an update, all of you that have been reading or following this blog for the reviews, I am so sorry I haven't posted any lately.  I really wanted to keep going with these, but I just haven't had a chance.  I do hope to post another one or maybe two this weekend to catch up.  On top of the first impressions reviews, hopefully I will get to start writing performance reviews soon since he will be here!  I'll let you know how my whole stash of cloth diapers hold up, what worked for me while he still had his umbilical stump, so on and so forth.  I am excited for those reviews!!

So to all those mommas out there, did you ever find yourself a little down right before the delivery of your baby or a little less social than usual?


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, I remember the last days... All 3 of mine were 2 weeks late~ So I know how you are feeling~
When I went anywhere and people would ask when's the baby due, and I had to say yesterday, or last week, yeah that was a little bit hard! I keep thinking about you and can't wait to see the little guy soon!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

I agree with your friend, Kim, it was really annoying to have to say "last week" when people asked when the baby was due. I don't remember being less social but when I asked Ralph I was given an emphatic, "Yes!" So I guess I was! Thankfully all that stuff will fade after he comes and real sleep deprivation hits. ;0) So excited for you and looking forward to pics after he arrives. Praying for your last few days (that they're not weeks!).

Tab @ Home Life Relived said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies!! Haha...good to know Stacie :D

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