Monday, June 27, 2011

Minutes and Seconds

Every minute and every second for the last two and a half weeks seems like it was taken up by either visits from or visits to family and friends. It has been wonderful. Of course, with all fun during these early years of my son's life will come exhaustion for me. That is where I am at as I write for all of you today. It has been fun, but tiring, and I found myself happy to be alone with my son today. Even though the house could use a good cleaning, I decided I wanted a day for me (plus Hunter and I have a small cold that we picked up from a friend's baby).

So, I awoke this morning to a loving husband with whom I just celebrated my 3rd anniversary with. He knew I was tired and wasn't feeling well so he made sure I had a nap before he went to work. I was so thankful! After my nap, I fed the baby and bathed him. We played for a little while, and now he is sleeping. I decided I would catch up on blogging, and next I may make some cloth diaper orders. Side note, I am super excited because I think I am coming close to the end of building my stash. Kelly's Closet is of course running another wonderful deal: purchase $59 and get a free one size diaper worth $17 or more. I will definitely take advantage of this by purchasing a couple of dipes and some cloth diaper detergent that I am running out of. On top of that, at the end of the order I will have over 500 points built up so I can redeem a $30 gift certificate and use that on a couple more dipes. How wonderful!! Okay, I feel fulfilled enough to leave my tangent and continue.

I must say it was an amazing feeling to have someone close by to help me take care of the little one for so long, but it is just as wonderful to know I have the house all to myself again and no committments to visit someone else anytime soon. It all started with a weekends visit to both my mom's house and Seth's parents house. They live very close to each other. I went up on Friday night, had a bridal shower on Saturday in the area with Seth's side of the family and a birthday party for his niece on Sunday. All the while fitting visits with both sets of grandparents in between those events. We returned home to a busy week with my dad and his wife. They came to see Hunter for the first time (they live out of state) and stayed for four days. Almost immediately after they left, one of my best friends came to meet Hunter for the first time as well (also from out of state), and she stayed three days during which we visited another friend with four kids. After she left, my mom and her husband came down Saturday to visit. They decided they might buy a truck from Seth so we spent a while at the dealership that day. As they were leaving that night, Seth's brother came to stay the night because Seth was taking him to the airport early the next morning. That was a wonderful visit. That brings us to yesterday. Seth took his brother to the airport, and then my mom and her husband came down to finish buying the truck at the dealership. They ended up staying until late last night.

Like I said, all of these were wonderful visits, and I had a great time. I am just dead today. Seth doesn't get home until after 9 pm so I am sure I will take another cat nap at some point while Hunter is sleeping. I can at least say that I am getting some cloth diaper and baby laundry done. That reminds me, I can't wait to install our new clothesline, but that will be another post!


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