Friday, June 3, 2011

Review: Kissaluvs Fitted Size 0 for Newborns

This post is a follow up to the First Impressions post I wrote about these diapers. I have found the Kissaluvs fitted size 0 was my go to diaper for Hunter (born 7lbs 5oz) during the few several weeks! It fit under his umbilical stump well, and I have never had a blowout with this diaper. I paired it with the Thirsties x-small cover. One of the reasons I loved this diaper is because the leg gussets contained everything. Hunter's legs were very skinny, but it didn't matter with this diaper! He was also very skinny around the tummy, but again this dipe's elastic around the waist was so great, it didn't leak!

Hunter is now approaching 10 lbs, and he is still in this diaper. It is still a great diaper and is supposed to fit up until 15 pounds. I have undone the umbilical snap, and he is on the second to last setting of the sizes. I do think it will fit him as long as advertised, maybe not on a chunkier baby though.

I must say this diaper cleans really well. Hunter soaks it completely and has had tons of huge newborn poos in it, and it washes completely clean in my front loader. I was shocked since the soaker is sewn in. Also, the drying time in the dryer really isn't that bad. I stick these in with my wipes, prefolds, and inserts. After one dry cycle on "mid heat" "normal dry", I remove all of those things and put this in for one more cycle on the same setting. Since my front loader has sense technology, it doesn't run very long.

One of the things that I have noticed with this diaper that bothers me is it isn't as absorbant as I was expecting. It is cotton fleece. It was great when he was first born, but he is now 5 weeks and a heavy wetter. This diaper has to be changed every 1.5 to 2 hours with him or it gets so full the Thirsties cover just can't contain it, and it leaks (not the cover's fault). If Hunter is awake, I have no problem changing him that much, but I do not like to wake him during a nap or that often at night to change him. So I am no longer using this during naps or at night if I can avoid it. I have recently purchased some BabyKicks Hemparoo Joey-Bunz Premium hemp inserts so I am going to see if I can use them with this dipe as a doubler to extend its life and maybe get back in these at nap time.

One other thing I do not like about this diaper is how rough it feels if I let it dry in the sun. This diaper is super soft when you first receive it and remains that way for the most part (maybe 70% as soft) if you dry in the dryer. BUT, I like to dry in the sun when I can to save on energy costs and naturally bleach Hunter's diapers, and this dipe is so rough and tough on his skin when I do that. I have resorted to only sun drying these dipes once a week to keep the stains at bay, but drying in the dryer the rest of the time to keep them comfortable for my baby.

All in all, I loved this dipe. 8 out of 10 in my book due to my disappointment in the absorbancy. It was perfect for those first few weeks of his little life, and it is still a diaper I reach for often during the day. I would recommend this as your go to dipe round the clock the first 3-6 weeks (depending on weight and amount of wetting) of a newborn's life paired with the Thirsties x-small cover. If your babe isn't a heavy wetter, I'm sure it will be your go to dipe much longer than that! I cannot say enough about this diaper, and how easy it was to use! It is soft (most of the time) on his delicate skin, and I think Hunter even loved this diaper. It contains even the messiest of poo's, and will not leak if the baby is not a heavy wetter due to the increased absorbancy. Did I mention how trim this diaper is? If fit really well under his clothes, and EVERYONE has commented on how they thought I was using disposables because of how trim this diaper was (cloth diaperers and disposable diaperers alike). I will definitely be using this dipe on the next has held up well!

I think the price is really good on these dipes, and for first time moms, it takes the worry out of irritating the umbilical stump over prefolds. Having a boy and want to circumcise? There is plenty of room in the diaper to add a fleece liner for those first few weeks if you are using vasoline to keep pee off of that little wound. Just to clarify, a fleece liner would be needed if you are doing that because vasoline will cause repelling on your dipes, you don't want it right up next to them. Fleece liners are inexpensive as well, and you might reuse them later on if you want to keep the solid poo off your dipes and make cleanup easier.

Unfortunately, since Hunter is a heavy wetter, I will not be purchasing the next sizes up in this diaper. Trust me, it makes me sad to say that!

If you have any questions about my experience with this diaper, please feel free to ask!!


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