Saturday, June 4, 2011

Review: Thirsties X-Small Diaper Cover for Newborns

The Thirsties X-Small Diaper Cover for Newborns is a great cover! I paired it with the Kissaluvs fitted diaper size 0 for newborns and the Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds. Hunter was born 7lbs 5oz with a very skinny waist and very skinny legs. This cover contained even the messiest of messes especially when he was wearing the duo hemp prefolds. The double leg gussets are the cause of this great mess container! Never a blowout with this cover! It fit great under his umbilical stump too. On top of all that, this cover kept my baby looking trim and fitting well under his clothes even with the prefold on underneath it. That is saying something for cloth diapers :-)

This cover comes in aplix closure only I believe. They really helped me to get a great fit on my skinny newborn. Since I got the x-small size and only used this for the first 5 weeks, the laundry tabs and the closure itself held up great. I NEVER dried these covers in the dryer because I wanted to get as much life as possible.
I would recommend this cover for the first several weeks of a newborns life over any other cover (even other brands). I thought when I first received it that I might have made a mistake in purchasing it since I had the Thirsties One Size covers. I was wrong, this cover fit so much better under his umbilical stump than those covers did (it just didn't look like it when they weren't being used). I only tried the others once only to take them off and replace with this cover. This cover is cost effective and well worth the money. It is supposed to be able to fit up to 12 lbs. I will say that I have pretty much stopped using this cover at 5 weeks approaching 10 lbs. Hunter is a heavy wetter, and this cover does not fit over the diapers I am using with extra absorbancy. If he wasn't a heavy wetter, I have no doubt I could use these until he reached 12 lbs.

Feel free to ask questions if you want me to clarify a point or if I have missed something. I would be happy to answer!!


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