Sunday, February 13, 2011

Belly Flips

It is the most amazing thing to feel your little one flipping around inside of you!  Our little boy has been especially active tonight (the night I am writing this).  As of right now, the trend has been flips instead of kicks or punches.  I can feel something swipe across my entire stomach as I look down and it is all in flux!  What a blessed feeling to get these little updates from the baby telling you he is still doing good :-)  I love it!  The one thing that he does that gets me...those random kicks to the ribs.  OUCH!  But still worth it!

On top of that, I just reviewed my 20 weeks picture and flipped forward to the picture I just took (beginning of 30 weeks).  Wow, and I thought I was big back then.  Ha...what was I thinking!  So how much have I gained you might be asking...I am at about 20 pounds!  I feel like I am on track at this point to a healthy weight loss after the birth which would make me very, very happy!  Of course, I will have to wait a little while to see what really goes down lol.

All I know is I am definitely hitting the sore back and bones stage.  Every morning is a reminder of that.  I am having a small amount of trouble sleeping.  Mostly, I wake up and then can't get back to sleep for at least an hour.  That is no fun. soon as I feel him, I realize it is all totally worth it.  I can't wait to meet him!  I hope he is cute like his daddy ;-)


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