Saturday, February 12, 2011

Handing My Job Off to Another and Plans for Mommyhood

Due to the fact that I want to be a stay at home mom, the Lord has blessed us to do so, and Seth agrees...I have told my employer I would be leaving after the baby comes.  We finished going through the interview process, and the new hire started last Friday.

I have found that I think she is great already.  Her personality is fun, and I don't have any worries about leaving the job in her hands.  Training her is fun because I get to unload all the knowledge that has been stuffed in my brain for the last four years.  Plus it makes the day go super fast :-P

The interesting thing I have found myself thinking about is "What do I do with all this knowledge once I am at home all the time?"  I guess the only answer I have at the moment is to be over-qualified for paying bills in our home haha.  Also I wonder..."Will I be bored?"  I have decided that the answer to that is no since I have never been a mom and will be learning a lot of things in regards to that.  It will be like school all over again (only it will probably never end).

Plus, I will get to add actual experience to my cloth diapering knowledge from my online research.  AND, I can practice making yummy food :-)  That is one of my goals, to widely expand my recipe collection (while still appealing to my very picky husband)!  Is it wrong to hope that my kids will grow up some day thinking that their mom was an awesome cook?  And that the things she cooked were actually healthy (semi-healthy when compared to some of my organic extreme friends haha).

Oh...what an adventure that awaits me!!  If you are a mom, leave me a comment.  I want to hear all the things you were excited about before you gave birth, and all the things you planned that did or didn't pan out.  I find these things are different for everyone :-)


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