Saturday, February 26, 2011

UPDATE: Handing My Job Off to Another the person that got hired to take over my job ended up getting a different one better suited to her capabilities.  I was SOOO happy for her because I believe that she deserved it. stunk in general knowing that I am in month 8 of pregnancy and now had to wait on another person to get hired AND hopefully train them by the time the baby comes.  That was a hard week to process through.

THEN YAY...a guy that we originally interviewed accepted the position.  This was such a relief knowing that once again, my job will be in good hands!  He doesn't start until March 8th, so I still have to wait 8 more days BUT I think his training will go fairly quick.  After that I can start to chill and just review his work until miracle boy appears :-)  So much stress has been lifted from me since he accepted.  I am so thankful!

I just need to remember that the Lord provides...just like he did in this situation!


Tracy said...

stopping by from bloggy moms - following on gfc and twitter!
have a great night!
take care, tracy @
looking forward to your visit!

Mommy Gator said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am glad you got a replacement at work. I saw you are planning for a NCB, I had both of my boys that way! If you ever wanna chat about it I am here. I remember I had so many questions! You can totally do it, and it is SO WORTH IT!! I am excited to follow your journey!!xoxo

Debra Ann Elliott said...

Thanks for stopping by Establishing Christian Parenting and following. Great blog. Following back.

Madison said...

Enjoy your wonderful journey!!
All Around Autism

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