Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Impressions: Kissaluv's Fitted for Newborns

I have 5 Kissaluv's fitteds for newborns (size 0).  When they first arrived, I was super excited because they are cotton SUPER soft!  Even after the prep washes, they remained soft.  On top of that, they are just super tiny.  The size 0's are supposed to fit approximately 5-15 pounds.

From the picture on the left, you can see that the Kissaluv's are fitted with snaps.  This pic shows the smallest size setting.  I find that these snaps are very easy to undo (unlike some other brands in my collection.  There is a snap in the middle so that you can snap down the top of the diaper while your newborn still has the umbilical stump so that the stump does not become irritated.  Once the stump heals, you can easily unsnap it.
The Kissaluv's fitteds come to fit a range of sizes.  The picture to the right demonstrates
that there are two rows of snaps for the rise and two sets of snaps for the waist.

The inside of this fitted diaper is just as soft as the outside which I think our little one will love!  I like how the soaker is sewn in which means that it won't shift while the baby is wearing the diaper.  I did notice that this contributes to a longer drying time, but it isn't a huge amount.  They can be dryed in the dryer or in the sun.  This is also version 2.0 of the diaper which has the microfiber soaker instead of cotton terry.  The microfiber soakers are supposed to be much more absorbant which could make for a great night-time diaper!

I didn't get a picture of it, but the tag is on the outside back.  It is placed there so that the baby does not become irritated by it...not a bad idea!  One of the other things that I immediately loved about this diaper was that the leg gussets are extra stretchy.  It appears to me that there would be no leaks with a newborn and definitely none as the baby grows.

Also, this diaper is SUPER trim.  It isn't bulky at all, which makes for a smarter and better fit for little onesies.  This diaper DOES require a diaper cover as there is no outer waterproof layer.  I have chosen to use Thirsties newborn covers and thirsties duo covers.

Keep in mind, these fitted diapers do have to be prepped before first time use.  The prepping instructions they come with say to wash on hot/high 3 times to reach maximum absorbency.

After all of that, I must say this is one of the diapers that I am most excited about.  They seem to have covered everything that would make for a great newborn diaper.  I really hope this one holds up to my expectations!  At the time of this post, these diapers are $12.95 each for no colors.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  I will answer if I can, and I have other pictures also.


Stephanie said...

Happy to be a new follower!

I used Kissaluvs Size 0 for my son when he was a newborn (he was 6lbs 15 oz), but within about 3-4 weeks he had moved into BG 3.0s. Kissaluvs were fantastic, but I had about 20 of them and was doing diaper laundry pretty much everyday (newborns pee and poo ALOT).

You'll soon learn which diapers you love and work best for you and you little one.

Tab said...

Diaper laundry every day with 20 dipes? Oh man...that makes me feel super unprepared for the first 2 weeks :( After that I think I am good as far as my stash goes, but before the stump falls off, I don't have anywhere near that.

Oh but I am super excited to start this adventure!! Did you use BG's pretty much exclusively then or do you have other favorites?

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