Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Cloth Diaper Detergent

When I first started researching cloth diapers, I didn't realize that there were specific detergents I had to use.  Then I found out that most normal detergents contain things like enzymes, dyes and fragrances.  These things build up on the diapers and cause them to repel.  So that started my search into the best cloth diaper detergents.

After hours of researching, I decided I was going to try Rockin Green powder detergent.  It is free of all the things that can cause cloth diapers to repel liquid.  It does come in several natural fragrances, but it also comes in an unscented version.  The thing that I really like about this detergent is that it comes in 3 different formulas: a classic formula, a soft rock formula for soft water, and a hard rock formula for hard water.  We have super hard water so that hard rock formula does the trick for us.  Oh, I should also mention that Rockin Green doesn't create bubbles so it is safe to use in both top loading and front loading machines.  This was important for us because we have a HE front loader.

Well obviously we haven't had the baby yet so I can't yet speak to Rockin Green's ability to clean soiled diapers.  BUT, Seth and I already absolutely LOVE this detergent for all our normal laundry needs.  It really cleans well, and I have even noticed an improvement in my skin (dryness factor etc) which has been especially important during this pregnancy.  I love it!  And unless I have issues after the birth, I will continue to use this detergent!


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